Pixel art games SUCK

2009-01-29 19:52:57 by AlexHeaton

Now, hopefully the title did it's job and drew in an angry mob of pixel-art lovers... awesome :)

I love the style, the 3 games highlighted by Tom the other day are all brilliant and get me excited about it all over again. So much so that I will be picking up development of an old pixel-style game (about a 9 year old drug pusher...) and thinking up some more.

If anyone would be interested on working on somthing with me in the next month or two, (creating art and/or code) put yourselves down the comments.

Cmon, don't be shy :)

Can we please have a chiptune section in the audio portal :3

2008-09-03 13:08:10 by AlexHeaton

Honestly, how many people visiting Newgrounds want to differentiate between Bluegrass, Country and Blues when we don't even have a chiptune section!!

Make it right.

EDIT : For those of you who don't know what chiptune is, check this out. Chiptune music is stuff generated by classic computer hardware, gameboys and the like.
http://bit.shifter.net/audio/bit_shift er_-_hexadecimal_genome.mp3